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Pets bring love and companionship to millions of people across the UK. But the sad fact is that bills for veterinary treatment can sometimes be too high for owners to cope with, leaving an animal suffering in silence.
The PDSA exists to stop this happening. By providing free medical care for animals owned by those on low-incomes, they ensure that our pets do not suffer as a result of poverty.
With 43 PetAid hospitals and 4 PetAid branches, the PDSA is able to offer their services right across the country. But they rely entirely on donations to pay their skilled veterinarians, and that’s where you come in.

It is said that Britain is a nation of animal lovers. Animals cannot help themselves when they are in need, so show you care today by donating just a little to the PDSA.

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How the charity works

The PDSA estimates that around 18.5 thousand animals will need treatment at its centres around Christmas alone, requiring just under £1 million in funding. Giant figures are reached in tiny steps, though, and by giving just £15 you can help care for one of these desperate animals. For every £30 raised, a general anaesthetic can be purchased for a pet in need of surgery. Whatever you can spare will add up and save the lives of innocent animals.

Support the PDSA for Pets in need of vets

The making of the PDSA’s 2009 Pet Pawtraits calender, featuring a range of celebrities and their furry friends.

PDSA is a registered charity in England and Wales charity no.208217
And in Scotland no.SC037585

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