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When considering a wildlife charity to donate to, one that protects birds might not be at the top of your list.

But with our planet’s eco-system approaching a dangerous tipping point, and deforestation and industrial development continuing at the pace they are, birds are under just as much threat as the likes of tigers and elephants.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) aims to protect the most threatened species of birds in Europe via a series of major schemes.

They protect and rebuild habitats (as well as owning over 200 nature reserves), educate others in how to care for the homes of feathered friends, and lobby internationally for tougher conservation regulations through the Birdlife International Partnership.

Like most charities, the RSPB relies heavily on donations from the general public. Donate now to save birdlife for future generations!

from £2 a month

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How the charity works

Supporters of the RSPB are able to support the charity’s work in a variety of ways. For just £3 a month, you can sponsor a puffin, lapwing or avocet; the same amount will contribute towards saving the Sumatran rainforest; £13 can help bring the chough back to Rathlin Island. With donation options ranging from a single gift to a regular amount deducted from your monthly salary, there's an option for everyone, no matter how large or small your gift.

However you choose to donate, your money will ensure that our children will be able to enjoy the birdlife we often take for granted today.

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Daily Post - RSPB trips to Puffin Island, North Wales

An example of the type of nature reserve the RSPB are working to save.

RSPB is a registered charity in England and Wales charity no.207076
And in Scotland no.SC037654