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Global Angels

Global Angels

The scale on which children are suffering in some of the world’s poorest countries is almost unimaginable. Many are starving, while others are living on the streets, orphaned by disease or famine. Thousands more are trafficked, forced to work or forced into the sex trade.
Global Angels is determined to see an end to all of these things. An international organisation, they have created a worldwide network of ‘Angels’, people who simply want to see a better world for disadvantaged children.

Currently, Global Angels is striving to meet its target in the Feed a Child For a Year programme.

It takes just £40 to make this happen for one child, and the organisation is committed to feeding one million children in Africa, Asia and Latin America. They also need funds to help maintain a drop-in centre for homeless children in Pattaya, Thailand, which aims to keep them out of reach of sex traffickers and paedophiles, and to continue the HopeHIV programme in Africa, which educates people about the risks of HIV and AIDS. It doesn’t take much to help any of these worthy projects – just a few pounds can help reach a massive target in the long run. Become an Angel today.

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How the charity works

When donating to Global Angels, you can choose which programme you most want to help. For their part, the charity promises that 100% of your donation will go to your nominated cause.

You can also show you care through regular Payroll Giving – just £20 a month will provide a year’s food and education for six children. And because it’s tax free, you only donate £15.60 – the Inland Revenue will pay the rest!

Global Angels

Global Angels invites you to step up to the challenge of helping the world’s poorest children.

Global Angels is a registered charity in England and Wales charity no.1102826