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NDCS is a registered charity in England and Wales charity no.1016532


In 1944, a group of parents formed the National Deaf Children’s Society, intent on ensuring their hearing impaired children received all the benefits from education that hearing pupils did.

Since then, the NDSC has grown to be a national organisation, intent on not only campaigning for educational equality, but for the protection of abused deaf children and the support of genetic research into the cause of deafness. It provides support to almost 35,000 deaf children and their families across the UK.
Currently, children with a hearing problem are 42% less likely to gain 5 GCSEs at A to C grades. This is not because of their disability, but the lack of support within educational institutions. With the right teaching methods, deaf children are able to perform as well as any other pupil, enabling them to reach their potential in later life.
To ensure this happens, the NDSC campaigns tirelessly, lobbying government and local educational authorities. But to make a difference, the organisation needs funding – and that’s where you step in.

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How the charity works

As with any charity, every penny you can spare will make a difference. For every £10 the NDSC receives, the parents of five deaf toddlers can receive information and support on how best to care for their child’s needs; every £50 allows the organisation to work directly with families and advise them on the welfare and educational benefits their child is entitled to; and for ever £500 they raise, a deaf child in a low income family can be provided with a Teletext television and Video.

Remember: whatever you can give will help.

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