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Reasons to get a letter from Santa from the children’s charity NSPCC:

What could be more wonderful for a child than to receive a letter from Santa at Christmas time? Watch your little one’s face light up with joy and wonder when you read him or her their own personal letter from Santa, and renew their faith in the beloved plump, white-bearded gentleman. Even older family members and friends will love to receive a magical letter from Santa, something they’ve probably always wanted but never had!

Now,for a small optional donation of just £5, the NSPCC will persuade Santa to make the time to write a special letter to your child, friend or family member. Do not delay, get a letter from Santa today.

The NSPCC also send special Baby’s First Christmas letters, which make the ideal memento for infants. All Santa’s letters are lively, rich and interesting, with lovely illustrations, and it will have your child’s age, name and address on it, so they’ll be left in no doubt that it’s their very own special letter from Santa. There are a wide variety of letters for children of all ages, and each child in your home will receive their own unique letter. If your children have been writing to Santa for years, imagine how overjoyed they will be to finally receive a reply. This is, without a doubt, the easiest way to bring a lot of joy into a child’s life.

Now nine years old, the NSPCC has sent over 300,000 letters to boys and girls all over the UK on Santa’s behalf, bringing joy and wonder to many young hearts and minds. These letters make fantastic, individual Christmas gifts to brighten the day for your nearest and dearest. Order a Baby’s First Christmas letter for your friend or family member’s newborn and see how much they love it. It’s a memory they will cherish always. Ask the NSPCC to send a letter from Santa to anyone you know who’s still a big kid at heart, even your old granny, and it’s bound to give them a good laugh! Bring the spirit of Christmas to your family with this sweet gift and show them how much you care.