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The natural world is being destroyed at an alarming rate the world over, and while our attention is largely on the rainforests in South America or the glaciers of the Arctic, one charity is working to save nature on our doorstep: the Campaign to Protect Rural England, or CPRE.

Since 1926, CPRE has strived for a sustainable future for English countryside, protecting forests, areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Green Belt land. There is increasing pressure on the countryside in the face of housing and business development, pollution and farming, and it remains one of our most important weapons in the fight against global warming.
Their campaigns work on a grassroots level as well as nationally and globally. Stop The Drop aims to stop littering and fly-tipping, informing the public on how to alert authorities to these anti-social activities and get involved in litter picks in their local area; their climate change and energy campaign works to find cleaner, greener renewable energy resources.

With supporters such as Bill Bryson, Jonathan Dimbleby and Queen Elizabeth II, the CPRE has the power to lobby local and national government and be heard. If you care about the English countryside, add your voice to their cause.

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How the charity works

The CPRE gladly accepts donations from the general public, not matter how small they might be. With a £15 gift, the organisation can help protect an historic site; £50 will aid their campaigns against airport expansion. Every penny adds up and helps this important work continue.

CPRE National Parks Film 1938

An archive film made by the CPRE in 1938, showing their longterm dedication to protecting the English countryside.

CPRE is a registered charity in England and Wales charity no.1089685