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Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK

Every year it is estimated that 285 thousand people will be diagnosed with cancer. Cancer Research UK is dedicated to not only finding a cure for all cancers, but also to providing support for the victims and those closest to them. In the last year alone, they spent almost £3.5 million on research – but this level of investment can only continue with your help.

As one of the world’s top three biomedical research organisations, Cancer Research UK has contributed to huge advances in the treatment of – amongst many others - brain, lung, breast, pancreatic and testicular cancers. The 4,500 cancer scientists, doctors and nurses doing this vital work are paid for almost entirely by the generosity of the general public.

Of course, with healthcare always high on the political agenda, one of Cancer Research UK’s main aims is to ensure cancer is a consistently recognised priority. Their experts advise government ministers on the best options for treatment within the NHS, while others lobby tirelessly for policy change that will better protect the public. Again, none of this could happen without your donation.

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How the charity works

Money is raised for Cancer Research UK via a network of 600 charity shops across the UK, as well as through special events such as the Race For Life fun runs. Aside from that, it is also possible to leave a legacy to the organisation or set up a regular donation in memory of a loved one.

But the easiest way to show your support is with a gift today. Just £2 a month can make all the difference, and every penny is needed in the fight against a disease that can touch every single one of us, regardless of age, race or lifestyle.

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Cancer Research UK is a registered charity in England and Wales charity no.1089464