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Farm Africa

Farm Africa

In rural parts of Africa, families rely on small plots of land on which to grow their own food, rear their animals and make a small living to support themselves and their families. But with the cost of their basic supplies rising and the constant threat of drought, many are living in complete poverty.

FARM-Africa does not believe in handouts to solve these problems in the short term. Instead, they work with communities direct to teach them new methods of farming and surviving for years to come, and to provide veterinary care for the animals they rely on. The organisation is also conscious of draining natural resources and is committed to showing alternative ways to make a living aside from harmful deforestation in places such as Tanzania and Ethiopia. The education and support FARM-Africa offers helps those in need become self-sufficient in new and better ways and ensures their health and wellbeing for the future, not just today. But without your donation, things cannot change.

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How the charity works

In Africa, 86% of people are farmers working on the land and with livestock; many of these are living on an equivalent of 50p per day. Your donation enables FARM-Africa to continue working with the poorest farmers in eastern Africa, helping them to increase agricultural production in a variety of ways, such as training people how to detect water and dig shallow wells close to their homes, and providing seeds and tools, this allows their land to be irrigated and their crops to flourish. When need is as desperate as this, every penny you can spare counts.

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FARM-Africa Introduction to MATF

A film made by FARM-Africa explaining the issues facing rural communities in east Africa.

Farm Africa is a registered charity in England and Wales charity no.326901