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Children die regularly as a result of malnutrition, lack of diligent attention, exploitation and abuse. UNICEF strives to prevent as many of these deaths as possible by providing the health care, support, care and education that these children need to survive the poverty they live in.

UNICEF works in conjunction with national governments, non-governmental organisations, private-sector partners and other United Nations agencies, and uses your donations to fight poverty, trafficking and child labour, provide rapid-response emergency assistance to children caught up in a war or natural disaster, and provides supplies and services to children in need.

UNICEF makes every effort to establish an international standard of children’s rights, and does not discriminate - in all cases priority is given to those children that are in the most urgent need of outside intervention.

Reach out to children in over 150 countries across the globe by donating to or volunteering with UNICEF.

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UNICEF: Kenya Drought Situation Worsens

Millions of people in the north of Kenya are facing disease and starvation as the year-long drought continues. The Kenyan Government has declared a state of emergency and is appealing for aid. Credits: Jane O'Brien