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World Land Trust

World Land Trust

You may know that the destruction of the world’s rainforests means more and more species of animals, reptiles, insects and amphibians become endangered. But did you know that deforestation is also responsible for an estimated 18% of the carbon dioxide emissions known to be contributing to climate change?

Whether your priority is saving threatened wildlife or saving the planet as a whole, the World Land Trust is an excellent organisation to donate to. Supported by Sir David Attenborough, the WLT purchase acres of land across the world with the express aim of saving it from destruction.

Once the land is purchased, they work with local authorities and residents to ensure both the safety of the area and the economic stability of those who will not be able to use it for farming in the future. Be it through ecotourism or ecologically sustainable forestry, the WLT focus on those closest to the land at risk as much as the land itself.

Make their future and the future of this planet your priority today and give whatever you can.

from £2 a month

How the charity works

Your donation will go to support the WLT’s four most urgent projects: In Brazil, the Atlantic rainforest has been destroyed so thoroughly that only 7% of the original forest remains; 80% of Ecuador’s rainforests have been destroyed, endangering over 2000 species of birds, mammals and amphibians; the continued destruction of their habitat in India means the Indian elephant faces an increasing threat to its survival; and the Chaco/Pantanal project in Paraguay aims to save over 700 species of birds and mammals.

For just £50 you can buy an acre of precious land, helping to save endangered creatures and maybe even slow the devastating effects of climate change.

World Land Trust is a registered charity in England and Wales charity no.1001291